Web Design Day

Thinking Typographically

Brian Warren, Web Design Day 2012 - Pittsburgh, PA

Thinking Typographically

Look around you! Type is everywhere. A passion for typography gives both designers and developers a huge leg up in their practice. Let’s talk about some ways typography can help get our designs in line, improve collaboration with our teams, and all-in-all make our sites more awesome.

Brian Warren

Brian Warren is a designer with over 15 years of experience designing, building, and writing for the web. For several years, he ran his own shop, Be Good Not Bad in Colorado, and in 2009 joined up with Happy Cog in Philadelphia. These days you can find Brian in sunny Seattle, as Design Lead at Onehub. Brian has worked with clients big and small including Fonts.com, McGraw-Hill, They Might Be Giants, and Mozilla.

When he's not geeking out about typography, Brian often is finding something more analog to be excited about. This usually involves brewing beer, doing crossfit, and best of all, hanging out with his family.